Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How I make what I make

A visitor to my booth at a recent art show looked at my jewelry and asked if I cut the stones as well as forming the metal. When I responded in the afirmative he said he was totally amazed that I could make these items from raw materials and asked, "But how?"
The following is the condensed version:
Turritella Rough
I start with a piece of rough stone.
This is a Turritella rough. Turritella is a fossil, a type of shell
Cutting Rough Slab
First I cut through the stone, the next cut will be a thin slab
marked slab
After I've cut the slabs I mark the material to cut on the trim saw, These pieces will end up being cabochons
trim saw cuts
Cutting out the cabochons
trim cut cabochons
I wet the little trim slabs with water to get an idea how the finished cabs will look
grinding the cabs
I grind the cabochons on a disk grinder using a finer grit disk at each of several stages
finished cabs
Here are the finished cabochons
fitting bezel
Next I start preparing the silver
Stamping my jewelrs mark and .925 Sterling stamp
soldering cavity
Soldering bezel to the backing plate
making pieces
 Some parts, it's starting to look like jewelry, a little bit anyway
I file and pre-polish areas where parts wil be soldered together
soldering again
Soldering the pieces together
setting stones
After final soldering, the silver is pickled in acid, then I set the stones
Polishing the silver, It's very nearly done
finished pieces
Some finished pieces. I hope you were looking at the jewelry insted of the mess  :0)
You can see more of my jewelry and sculpture too at my web site: http://www.lunarksies.com 

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