Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Peacock is Strutting His Stuff

I finished the peacock pendant I was working on as well as a few other pieces of jewelry. It features a Labradorite gemstone. Labradorite shimmers with blue iridescence similar to a peacock's plumage; also features three Peridot, and three blue Topaz accent stones. The silver metalwork also includes a 14K gold crown and a few gold pieces mixed into the silver granulation. In the background of this picture is the metalwork when it was nearly finished before setting the stones. I love the way these pieces come to life when the stones are set and the metal is polished.
Pictured below are some other pieces I made this week;  a Kingman Turquoise Pendant and Earrings, an Azurite Malacite Pendant and a Citrine Pendant with a Citrine Accent Stone. These pieces are now listed in my Etsy and Artfire stores. Visit the links below to see more views.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

WIP Peacock Pendant, a Bracelet & Facebook Fan Page

I've got a couple of projects in the works. Below is a bracelet I'm making for a custom order. The metal work is finished, I'll be setting the Botswana Agate stones after I check with the customer regarding fit.
I'm also making a Peacock Pendant. This piece will have a Labradorite stone for the body and faceted Peridot and Blue Topaz accent stones. Pictured below is stage one.
Pictured below is stage 2
And finally, I've started a Facebook Fan page. I've had a Facebook profile for some time, but I must confess I've haven't been very active with Facebook. I would appreciate any advice I can get about how to build and promote my Facebook Fan page. I suppose I should be up on this, but I'm usually creating something or networking on Creating The Hive. Facebook's time has come, I think!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My latest creations, I love simple clean lines

It always takes me longer to complete a jewelry project than I anticipate. Part of that is photography and listing. Etsy and Artfire constantly remind us to make sure our photography is first rate. They're right of course, more views are availabe on my Etsy and Arfire stores (links at the bottom of this post). Pictured below are a Rainforest Jasper ring, Sonoran Sunset pendant and Azurite Malachite pendant.
Pictured below are Lapis Lazui pendant and earrings and Citron Chrysoprase earrings
Pictured below are Petoskey Stone and Black Onyx pieces
And finally Labradorite and rare Laguna Agate earrings created for a special order (these last two items are not listed in my stores)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alien Robot Space Dude Pendant

This one is a bit of a departure for me, but I had to create this alien from this stone. Sometimes and idea just calls out to you.

This Alien Robot Dude decided to be a pendant the minute I saw the Ocean Jasper stone that forms his cyclopsian head. His body gemstone is a rare Gem Silica Chrysocolla cabochon. His feet are green chrysocolla stones. He is one of a kind, made from hand forged Sterling silver with 14K gold antenna (Bale) and gold hand balls. He was a delight to create, and he can't wait to settle into his new earthly home. 18.57mm x 63.42mm