Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy Lace in the Virgin Islands

I cut most of the cabochons I use in my jewelry. I also sell cabochons on my gemstone web site, Lunar Skies Cabochons. I've made an offer to cabochons buyers, if they send me pictures of jewelry they create with my stones and I will feature them on my site. I haven't been selling stones for too long but I got my first feature posted last week. The stone I sold is a crazy lace agate, pictured here.

Liz Tylecki-Kuniej from FantaSea Jewelry STX  created this beautiful
pendant from this crazy lace agate cabochon. It is paired with a garnet  and citrine, in hand forged Sterling silver. I think she did an incredible job on this piece. I visited her web site, and I have to say, her work is stunning.

Artist, Liz Tylecki, once a fashion designer whose travels took her from Chicago to New York City, is now a full-time resident of the Virgin Islands. Her inspiration flows from her love of the ocean and her passion for sea turtles.

In her free time, she volunteers during sea turtle nesting season, working with the various leatherback, hawksbill and green turtles who visit the island’s shores.

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