Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP, a Box of Rocks & 3 at once!

This is what I've been working on. It's just a box of rocks, the tough part is that I still need to cut about twice again as many stones as you see here before I can tumble them to finished cabochons. If that seems like a lot of work it's just because IT'S A LOT OF WORK! But it will be worth it when completed. Seen here is a mix of mostly agates and jaspers. The first two cuts are made by hand. When I have about 4-1/2 lbs. of stones I can begin to tumble them. It's a multi-staged process with a thorough wash up between each tumble.
The other news is that I was featured in three ArtFire Collections in one day!
My Dragonfly sculpture, Chinese Writing Stone pendant, & Butterfly & Poppy sculpture all were featured yesterday in separate ArtFire Collections: 

For my friends at Creating the Hive, I've been away for nearly a week and was unable to post, I missed you guys!

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