Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kentucky Agate, almost too shiny!

My latest stones in this series, Kentucky agate was quite difficult to photograph. The polish of these stones is so brilliant that I could not photograph them in daylight without getting very distracting highlights. So I shot them at night under artificial light.

Beautiful Kentucky Agates specimens of red, black, yellow, and gray banded agate have been discovered in Estill, Jackson, Powell, Madison, and Rockcastle Counties. It is formed in the Borden layer of the Mississippian geological age which according to geologists was between 225 and 375 million years ago. The red and black agate in Kentucky is very rare and ranks among the most expensive agates in the world. The yellow and black agate that is also extremely rare in the rest of the world is not quite as rare as the red here in Kentucky.

For my friends at Creating the Hive; do you see any stones that could be a BEE?

These stones will be offered on my web site after I contact a specific customer who has requested advance notification whenever I cut any of this rare agate.

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