Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've been away, I'm making a rocky return!

I've just returned from a ten day trip to California. I worked on a few new jewelry pieces while I was there, but mostly it was a pleasure trip. I've missed my friends at Creating the Hive and Facebook. I hope you guys can catch me up on all the happs. I stopped by Quartzite on the way home and paid a visit to my favorite rock shop (Watch for Rocks below).

 This is Azurite in Chrysocolla; each stone is about 2" by 2-1/2".
All I could say when I saw this stuff was "WOW"!
I found some great Turritella fossil slabs
I got this nice Bloodstone, It's got some great red on one end.
I needed some Ocean Jasper for a gallery order. I cut the smallest of these stones today, it has a beautiful crystal structure with small green and orange orbs, very cool!
The next two pics are Montana Agate. These slabs are small
(about 1" by 1-1/2" for most of them), but they're choice!
This stone is called Red Freckled Dolomite. I don't know anything about it yet, but it looks like it might make some pretty nice cabs. This stone is about 3" long by about 2' thick.
Rounding out the group are three round Petoskey Stones, about baseball size. If you look closely you can see the coral structure on the surface. I hope this cuts well, it's kinda the "box of chocolate" thing with this material but . . .  Question: What would life be without a certain amount of risk? Answer: Wonderful.

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