Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rescued! Am I a Hero?

No, I'm not a hero, but I am frugal. The jewelry pieces shown below are all rescued orphans. for one reason or another. Things don't always work out as planned; Three of the pieces below had stones that cracked (two from the heat generated while polishing, and one that I broke while trying to remove it from the metal). Two of the rings were started and forgotten (I have been a negligent creator at times). And one pendant was soldered with the bezel flipped (rookie error on my part).

Ah, but I, like the mad scientists who built the Six Million Dollar Man knew I could rebuild them! Yes, I cut new stones for five of the seven pieces and finished the metal for the other two.
The ring and pendant on the left are Amber. This particular amber reminds me of champagne; it is nearly clear with little bubbles throughout. The two red-brown rings are crazy lace agate. The three pendants on the right are Citron Chrysoprase. These pieces are now available in my Etsy and Artfire shops.

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  1. Quentin, yous is a mircle worker!!!