Sunday, February 12, 2012

So you want to be in an Etsy Treasury? Don't kill your chance!

I've been curating about five Etsy Treasuries a week lately. It's fun, and I get to see many wonderful items. You've probably been told on many occasions that top quality photos are a must, both for selling and for getting featured in Treasuries. There are lots of great post available with outstanding photography tips. But I feel compelled to mention the following because I've not seen it posted before. The picture of your item that shows up in a Treasury is the thumbnail of the first picture you placed when you listed/edited your item. Etsy uses a 1000px x 1000px image for the main or enlarged image in your shop. But the thumbnail it generates is smaller and rectangular (the top and bottom of the image gets clipped). What may be a great image when enlarged and un-clipped may not be suitable for a treasury. I'll use one of my sculptures to demonstrate. If the image I placed in the first spot in my Etsy shop was cropped like the image on the left, the thumbnail would appear something like the image on the right. The primary object in the photo barely appears in the thumbnail. That may keep curators from using you item even if they like it, and it suits the Treasury they are creating.
One solution is to use a detail shot of your item for the first picture. If you've already got a detail shot in among your images, you can just drag it to the first position when you edit your item. As a curator, my objective is to get a front page Treasury, so I'm looking for great pictures, and that means the thumbnail has to be great too.
Thanks for reading this post, and good luck with your Etsy Treasuries.

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  1. It's so confusing - other sites eg Folksy want square photos so most of mine are square and don't all work out on Etsy. Now I'm doing photos that I hope will work out on Etsy but as I move things from one shop to the other when they expire I may end up having to redo photos. Of course ideally they will sell before I have to do that...