Thursday, February 21, 2013

Indie-Pendants, Give me Liberty; I'll make jewelry

Aside from the artistry and personal effort that goes into the jewelry pieces created by the members of Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers (JCUIN) there is a more compelling story than meets the eye. Why would someone spend hours creating a beautiful pendant and then offer it for sale at a price much lower than lesser quality pieces found in typical jewelry outlets; perhaps only twice the value of the raw materials? The joy for an independent artist is in the creation. The sale is a means to keep creating art and remain independent. The buyer gets a bargain; a one of a kind, hand made jewelry piece. The artist keeps creating. Everyone wins.

Take a look at these wonderful hand made creations by some of the members of JCUIN. Take the time to visit their shops and bookmark your favorites. Don't be shy about contacting the artists, they love feedback.

Moroccan Style Necklace Brass Red Coral Crystal Orange Agate Beads from PinkSunsetJewelryDesigns

"Felicity" - Black Sardonyx and Sterling Silver Necklace from

One of a kind, handmade in Nashille, TN,USA, rustic copper cross from

Koala Handpainted Pendant with Serpentine and Bone Discs on Copper Chain Necklace from

Bright Pink Magnesite pendant Necklace from

Sterling Silver Turquoise and Pink Rhodonite Pendant from

Orange Pendant Copper Wire Wrapped Fused Glass Reversible Handmade from

Brazilian Agate Sterling Silver Wrapped Pendant from

Ultramarine Blue Porcelain Handmade Pendant Choker Necklace from

Blue and Black Wire Wrapped Druzy Pendant from

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  1. Right on, you couldn't have said better, Quentin! Enjoyed reading your post and also enjoyed seeing my "Felicity" pendant among all those beautiful, unique creations. Thanks! Sharing...

  2. Enjoyed your post, well said. Lots of beautiful pieces of art you selected. Thank you for including my turquoise and rhodonite pendant. Off to share.

  3. I had no idea this was here until I noticed an incoming URL today. Thanks for including my pendant. One of yours should be in here too!