Friday, June 17, 2011

The fairy is awake!

Waking Fairy, Copper and Cholla Cactus Wood Sculpture

I just completed my latest sculpture. Handcrafted Copper and Cholla Cactus Wood Sculpture on Oak Base; approx. 7" high x 9-1/4" wide. Hand cut and forged free-standing art.

On warm summer nights fairies like to sleep in cool, fragrant flower beds where they can gaze at the stars and moon. This fairy found a nice cholla log to curl up in, and now she is waking up to start her day.

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  1. Oh Quentin! She is the mostest beautiful fairy! She looks like the ones that me imagines lives along our river bank!

  2. Congratulations, you're a great artist ...
    Your art is wonderful ...

  3. These are beautiful. Your artful craft displays exquisite form and talent.