Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fairy, Still a Work In Progress

Did you ever notice how everything you create takes more time than you thought it would. Happens to me all the time. So my fairy is still not finished; consider this a progress report.
She's not in pain, trust me. I haven't even applied any heat yet.
If you think a lot have holes have been drill, you're right. I glue the pattern onto the copper with a glue stick, simple!
After I've cut out the metal, I have to remove the pattern. I used to struggle with this step. I tried just peeling the paper off; nope, it separates. I tried soaking in mineral spirits; nope, better but mostly just messy and it leaves a nasty residue. The solution? If all else fails, read the instructions. The glue used for glue sticks is water soluble. After about two minutes soaking in plain water the paper just floats away from the metal. Boy is my face red. Great, red face and green hands, and it's not anywhere close to Christmas.
That's better! I'm working on the hair now. After that I can start putting her together.
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  1. Congratulations for your work ...
    I thought I'm here Trying to cut the wings with this multitude of holes many saws I would break ...