Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kindred Spirits, Fairy Sculpture Work in Progress

This is blog number two as this project continues. I've got the body parts of the fairy rough shaped, and now I'm beginning to work on some of the details.

Above & Below: One leg shaped except for the foot which looks like long swim fin at this point
I like the feeling that the piece is already inside the metal and I'm just freeing it
Both legs shaped except for feet, the body is in good shape to except for the head which still needs a considerable amount of work
One arm shaped except for the hand
Both arms shaped, the arms and legs need to be mirror images. My method allows me to compare the pieces as I work. It's all subtraction of material and hand work, so it's imperfect by nature, but I can manage to get pretty close. Since the final pieces will be bent into different positions, any imperfections seem to disappear.
Body, arms and legs rough shaped and ready for some details. Right now it looks like there's been a terrible accident

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