Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Newest Fairy Sculpture is now a Work in Progress

Now and the I get a request from someone to create a work specifically for them. I enjoy this type of collaboration. This request was for a copper fairy on a poka-dot mushroom. Working with the client we came up with the following Photoshop version of the design. Now the challenge for me is to see how close I can come with the actual work.
The piece will be titled "Kindred Spirits"
I start these sculptures with some pieces of copper. I need a pretty big piece for the body so I have to cut it from a thick copper block (not really an ad for DeWalt tools)
These pieces will  be the fairy's body, arms and legs
Then I start the rough grinding
Each step gets a little closer to the finished component
The metal gets pretty hot during grinding. That discoloring is the result, but it's just on the surface

She's starting to take shape
I leave quite a bit of material for the head since I have to subtract the material (math was never my strong suit). She has a bit of an alien quality at this stage
She's in there; stay tuned.

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  1. WOW!!! Me loves watching yous work!